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A new vision of Accounting

Our vision of Accounting is…

Optimizing your information system

We automate your processes and connect your applications to boost your Company’s efficiency. Whatever the nature of your business, we will set up the flows in a tailored way, thanks to the flexibility of our partner solutions.

Letting Data speak

Not only does automation save you valuable time, it also allows you to collect data. This data is a gold mine of information, provided that it is used properly: be alerted in the event of an increase in a category of expenses, make a cash flow plan based on the history of the previous months… These are core activities that we can focus on together after automating the flows.

Supporting your growth

The most important part of our business, our raison d’être, is to become your growth partner. Tell us about your current business, your growth plans, potential acquisitions, and based on our financial knowledge of your business, we will advise you on the best path to get there.

Our approach: working together through collaborative tools

We propose and implement collaborative solutions that allow you to manage each flow: suppliers, customers, payroll, cash flow, etc. The idea is to collaborate on shared tools to optimize software use and obtain real-time data to manage the company, calculate and declare taxes easily. This is what allows us to offer you competitive rates, and to devote the time we don’t spend manually processing your information to our real added value task: advising you to support your business.

How does this work in practice?

Sales invoices are automatically posted as soon as they are issued.

Enter your receipts on the go with your smartphone.

Do you have recurring suppliers? We can connect them to our solution to receive all invoices directly.

As soon as the month’s payroll is established, entries flow directly into the accounting system.

Dashboards are available in real time to monitor your activity.

How can we help you today?

Here are some examples of the missions we carry out for our clients.

Company creation support

We accompany entrepreneurs in the construction of their projects:

  • Assistance in business plan construction;
  • Help in choosing a legal structure;
  • Company creation;
  • Choosing a social status for the manager;
  • Handling the various tax and accounting obligations

Establishment of accounting situations / reporting

On request, we produce exceptional or periodic accounting statements:

  • Establishment of a reporting format adapted to the activity;
  • Assistance with annual budgeting;
  • Production of reports ;
  • Assistance in the analysis of periodic and budget variations.

Company valuation

We analyze your business model in order to understand it, present it and value it with the corresponding methods.

Accounting and Tax

We take care of all accounting and tax obligations:

  • Implementation of an efficient information system thanks to interconnected applications;
  • Monthly or weekly accounting production;
  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Establishment of the balance sheet

Annual review / Head of Finance support

We offer auditing services to our clients doing their accounting internally:

  • Intervention on specific technical points during the year;
  • Balance sheet review;
  • Relationship with statutory auditors ;
  • Preparation of tax returns;
  • Response to exceptional needs (accounting/fiscal/information system issues, etc.)
  • External resources for specific needs (replacement for example).

Support to ERP implementation

During the implementation of an ERP we accompany our customers in the form of project management assistance:

  • Specifications;
  • Contract review with software supplier;
  • Control of the correct implementation throughout the process;
  • Control of integrator’s invoicing;
  • Control of final delivery in relation to the initial specifications.

An agile and passionate team

Each customer benefits from a dedicated contact person who can be reached at his direct email address. Because we are a small team, we believe all the more in sharing knowledge and take the time to discuss our different client’s situations. In our team, no single specialist, but versatile teammates who believe that five brains are better than one!

Henry Braastad-Tiffon

Certified Accountant and Partner

“As a certified accountant, my first objective is to allow my clients to devote themselves to their business in complete serenity. We take care of all their accounting and tax obligations. There’s more: through our expertise in software and information systems, we improve the efficiency of administrative and financial functions. The final objective is to provide accurate information to enable managers to make decisions.

Christopher Inthasane

Project manager – Certified accountant

“What I like in my job is to accompany business leaders in their daily lives.

Each are facing different issues and it is important for me to bring them the best possible advice in order to help them develop their activity in an optimal way. Our human-sized firm allows us to create a relationship of trust and closeness with our clients, so we can best identify their needs.

Paul Chabot

Junior associate

Damien Mohaneradje

Junior associate

Antoine Volante

Junior associate

Customers testimonials

“Excellent responsiveness combined with technical expertise makes HBT a partner of choice for Stuart.”

Jonathan Sarfati, CFO

“Personalized guidance and a very digitalized and efficient process.”

Daniel Cheaib, CEO & Founder

“HBT was highly recommended to me by an entrepreneur friend, and I was not disappointed. Mr. Braastad Tiffon knew how to make an accurate evaluation of my company and accompanied us very well in the process with our auditor.

Maxence Coisne, Co-founder
Baby Sittor

“Excellent accounting firm: they listened to our needs and were able to offer us digital tools to gain efficiency and agility in the context of our growth. They were really responsive to our additional requests. Keep it up!”

Christophe Vattier, CEO & Founder

“HBTconseil has been assisting us for almost 2 years with our monthly reporting. We have gained in efficiency thanks to their expertise on Quickbooks, which has enabled us to ensure better management. Thank you for your professionalism and responsiveness.”

Audrey Baron, Administrative and Financial Manager

“A team that is both highly responsive and attentive, and perfect support for entrepreneurs of my generation: a simple, digital process with a dedicated contact available when I truly need it.”

Blandine Clanet, president and founder
French Poetry

“The HBT team supports us on a daily basis in the follow-up of our accounting: reconciliation of invoices and payments, entry of elements in the accounting book, drafting and filing of annual accounts, declarations to public institutions… In addition, they help us to learn how to use the digital tools that facilitate our daily collaboration. Henry is
He is also an excellent advisor and always knows how to give recommendations on sensitive and/or transversal subjects (e.g.: Human Resources).
Thank you for your involvement and care.”

Hector Balas, President

“HBT Conseil is the ideal accounting partner for my business. As a fellow young entrepreneur, Henry understands the challenges that I face as a founder of a new company, and I appreciate that I can always feel safe asking him questions no matter how seemingly basic without fear of judgement. HBT Conseil has been at my side since day one helping me to develop my cashflow forecast, draft the legal statutes, file the proper paperwork to open, and supply the software I need to run the day-to-day accounting management of the company. I especially appreciate how easy it is to stay on top of filing expenses thanks to the technology HBT uses. I can’t recommend HBT Conseil highly enough!”

Ashley Donahey, CEO & Founder
Two Worlds whiskey company

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